That Hair!


All Ses Cheveux dolls include Swarovski crystals, handmade hair with a choice of textures, and extensive bejeweling.

All Ses Cheveux dolls include Swarovski crystals, handmade hair, and extensive bejeweling. Hair choices: straight, afro, afro puffs, rose balls. “This series is influenced by the little girl in me.  Who says dolls are only for little girls? The Ses Cheveux series is for girls from birth to 100 plus, they are uniquely gorgeous, they remind me of my gorgeous daughter!” -Glenna Gaffney

Available in sizes 6×8 ($175), 8×10 ($275), & 11×14 ($550)

All Couture Paper Dolls present the option of Paper or Fabric Backing. Paper Backing is subject to size and is only available in 6×8, and 8×10.  Sizes in 6×8, paper backing is $15 less, and in 8×10, paper backing is $25 less. All Couture Paper Dolls arrive framed in a Shadow Boxes. Couture Paper Dolls can be ordered in any skin tone hue.


**Special Orders are welcome! Your personal unique Couture Paper Doll pricing is determined upon your personal choices; such as size, fabric, hairstyle, and the bejeweling you desire. Your doll will be created to your specifications. Please contact the artist at to set up your personalized appointment.

Paper Doll Name

1. Afro Puffs, 2. Afro Puffs Natural, 3. Afro Puffs Chocolate, 4. Suburbia, 5. OS Girl, 6. Lite Hue, 7. Jazz Angel KP

Hair Type

straight, afro, afro puffs, rose balls


6×8, 8×10, 11×14


Paper Backing, Fabric


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