"I'll never forget that day, June 1, 2021, when Glenna presented me with Adore (Prince Influenced Mewsick line). From that moment, my day went from stressful to blissful! I'd seen the images of Couture Paper Dolls, but never imagined they'd be larger than life in person; and I had already become a fan just from the photographs! Couture Paper Dolls are breathtaking and so detailed. Definitely a collector's delight!" - Kaylene Peoples, Recording Artist & Magazine Publisher
"Olivia Sass is amazing! Also known as my 'Forever Wife,' her style and detail are absolutely incredible; she was custom designed for me! Glenna's art is unlike anything I have ever seen. I truly love my Couture Paper Doll!" - Oscar Seaton, Pro Drummer & Owner of Seat Pocket Wines
"You can witness the level of thought put into each and every detail of her pieces. Mine was customized to perfection - all of my friends are impressed by the beautiful, handcrafted sequined paper doll that looks just like me." Made with lots of love, Cimone Dailey
"Wow... is all I can to say about Lynda Woo, she exceeded my expectation in every way! I received her earlier than promised. A Couture Paper Doll is a perfect gift idea. I am a proud owner of a Couture Paper Doll!" ~Lynda Woo (Winner of Couture Paper Doll Giveaway).
"Never in my life I ever had a doll because not ONE of them looked like me.  Im NOT Barbie, However I was the great athletic type. I was always being teased for having red hair, that's a little bit about me. Artist Glenna Gaffney brought the doll in me alive!! I absolutely love me & my living doll. I am FOXY DIANN BROWN ... and don't you forget it !! It's so me ! Lovely, wonderful, amazing details, everything that makes me. Love you Glenna Gaffney, your creations are reality." 
"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my ladies. They are beautiful couture paper dolls. They give my wall and room just what I needed to provide my space with a pop of color and style. Love your collection. I want more..." Julee Campbell
"Paper dolls have been reinvented. Only Glenna could make me look so good. The quality and craftsmanship are Exceptional, A very unique piece it makes me smile every time I look at it." -Carol Hoy, Press Photographer
"I'm still never too old to play with dolls. Sun Goddess embodies everything that I love to see in an art piece. Glenna's detailing is phenomenal and the piece is very unique. I receive tons of compliments from everyone who sees my Couture Paper Doll!" - Wendy M.
"I received my dolls (Feather Anne Fur from Not So Little Black Dress Line and Ms. Lavender from Purple Queendom Line) and I just love them. They look really great in my home. I would love more but I have no more room on my walls!" ~ Renee Baylis, Entrepreneur
"Glenna!!! I am in love! This is the cutest thing I've ever seen. It's so creative and very detailed. I will be spreading the word because who wouldn't want a personalized picture created like this one! Thank you!" Love, Julia

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